Practice Areas

1. Legal services

Research of regulation of laws etc.

Research of regulation of foreign investment and approval and authorization of various types of industries / Confirmation of legality of investment scheme.

Draft of agreements

Drafting of various agreements of joint venture, business collaboration, sales, lease and others.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution concerning a trading partner, landlord, employee, third person, making and sending the warning letter, judicial services and debt collection representative service.

Legal Consultation/Other

Consultation for applicable law and other services.
Consultation for applicable law in administration of company and about new business, etc.
Research of ODA commitment, government and public organization, etc.

2. Incorporation procedures, Apply the licenses and Register services

We draft documents which are needed to incorporate a company, offer common forms of documents, provide representative service of submitting documents, negotiation with in charge of officer and support the open the bank account.

  • Provide the representative service of applying any licenses (YCDC license, alcohol license, recruitment agency license, microfinance license etc.)
  • Support and representative of applying procedure of investment permit based on Special Economic Zone Law.
  • Support and representative of applying procedure of MIC permit or endorsement based on Investment Law.
  • Support and representative of applying procedure of necessary licenses to carry out a certain business (required license on hotel business, required microfinance license on microfinance business)
  • Provide the representative service of proceeding the registered matters change on DICA such as directors, shareholders and address etc.

3. Labour matter

  • Draft or review of contract and related rule such as employment contact, work rules, pledge letter at enter or retirement at the company, pledge letter at training and rule of wages etc.
  • Explanation to the employees about related labour document’s content such as work rule and employment contract.
  • Lecture the labour law to director.
  • Provide the legal advice on daily operation (Violation of rule such as late attendance, illegal act)
  • Submit, registration, change and representative of negotiation with labour office and social security office.
  • Representative service of negotiation at the retirement.
  • Inform the warning letter for employee who made unfair and collect the embezzlement money.
  • Correspondence to strike.
  • Representative of civil or criminal trials, representative of arbitration processing under the Settlement of Labour Dispute Law.

4. M&A services

  • Legal due diligence.
  • Corporate survey of target company.
  • Drafting the share transfer agreement, share underwriting agreement, shareholder agreement, and business transfer agreement.
  • Any submitting to administrative organ required with M&A.

5. Research Services

  • Draft the necessary documents, offer common forms of documents, provide representative service of submitting documents, representative service of publishing on Newspaper under the Registration Act.
  • Draft and send the warning letter to trademark infringers, representative service of negotiation.
    (After enact the Trademark Law, Design Law, Patent Law, Copy light Law)
  • Consultation about intellectual property rights.
  • Research about intellectual property rights.
  • Draft the necessary documents, offer common forms of documents, provide the representative service for submitting the documents to apply the trademark, design and patent. Negotiating related intellectual property rights and dispute process.

6. Visa Services

Provide the representative service of visa application procedure such as stay permit or multiple business visa.

7. Translation services


Myanmar → Japanese / English
Japanese / English → Myanmar

8. Research Services

We receive mainly following commission and submit reports in both English and Japanese.

Research of Myanmar companies
Research of various types of industries in Myanmar
Research of Japanese companies which have already moved their businesses into Myanmar

9. Resident Director Services

According to the companies law enacted by August, 2018, all of the companies must have at least one resident director. Therefore, we provide the service to be appointed resident director of client. For more detail conditions, please feel free to ask us.

10. Stock holding Services

According to the companies law enacted by August, 2018, the companies which foreign capital is under the 35% is considerate Myanmar company. However, in this case, the majority will be hold by Myanmar. Therefore, our group Myanmar company provide the service to hold 16% of share and help the foreign capitalist hold the majority. For more conditions, please feel free to ask us.

11. Retainer agreement

Retainer agreement means, we response any client’s request without payment for additional fee other than retainer fee if it is within the prescribed time. Regarding the fees or contract period, we may arrange it flexibility depends on client’s request.

The main merit of retainer contract are following 4 things.

  1. If we concluded the retainer agreement, we will discount our time charge. It’s mean that you may save the moneys.
  2. We will response any kinds of cases within a prescribed time. If there is no retainer agreement, you need ask quotation each time. It’s mean that you may save the time.
  3. To estsablish the long relationship, we could know you well and may provide tailored advice to you based on the past background.
  4. You may consult in advance easily before any troubles was happen and it will be able to prevent the trouble.

12. Whistle-blowing service

Recently, many company installed whistle-blowing system for find the internal problems. However, if in charge of the person of the whistle-blowing is internal employees, often such employees leave the problems or take inappropriate actions.
If you asked us such response on behalf of you, we have the foreign lawyers and Myanmar lawyers. Therefore, if we were assigned such services, we may response it not only English but also Myanmar. Additionally, when we report it to client, we may make comments from the view of Myanmar laws.

13. 内部通報窓口



駐在者のstay permit取得業務

Charge System

There are three main charge systems. It is depending on the case content, so please feel free to ask us in detail.

1. Time charge

It’s based on actual time which we took.
Only the consultation or related dispute is often based on this charge system.

2. Quotation

We are sending the quotation after heard the overview, and proceed it based on this quotation.
Related establish the company, research, contract and trademark registration is often based on this charge system.

3. Retainer contract

As a basic thinking of retainer fee, if the concluded retainer contract, within the range of retainer fee, we provide the service with lower price than normal per hour unit.
Therefore, you can select the type of retainer contract depend on the how much work and consultation will occur.

And we provide the Newsletter about latest law and notification every month to retainer client.
Also we have base in Thailand, Malaysia, Israel and Japan. If concluded the retainer contract with head office in Japan and our Japan office, we can provide global retainer service which not only Japan but also abroad legal service.