• Consultant (incorporation procedures services, labor services, research services about industries etc)
  • Lawyer (draft of agreements, research services about law etc)


  • People who can work in English or Asian languages (except Japanese) or promise to try to achieve such level.
    Regarding Consultant, people who have already had Japanese or foreign attorney
    qualification have priority, however people who do not have Japanese or foreign lawyer license may apply
  • We will ask you to do other services depend on the occasion.



Activities in office

  • An annual office trip
  • Dinner party which Office members participate in (regularly hold)

Recruiting new graduates

We positively adopt the judicial students in 2019 (the 72nd term) and law graduates who have taken the judicial examination in 2019 / those who have passed the preliminary examination (the 73rd term), so please apply positively.

Who to contact

Please send the above required documents to the addresses shown below. In case you haven’t got any contact from us over a week, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

CV and documents received shall be handled with high confidentiality and will not be returned to the candidates.