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Recently more and more companies are accelerating their expansion abroad. Myanmar is attracting attention as the last frontier in Asia and many companies and people conduct business in there.

However, Myanmar’s language, culture, law system and others are different from other countries and foreign companies and people are faced with some problems on various occasions.

Yuji Tsutsumi, a founder has been working in Myanmar since 2012 and have realized that providing services which are based on the same concept as in Japan cannot completely satisfy the requirements of clients.

Furthermore I recognized that I need to react quickly and skillfully and provide more speedy and adaptable services than providing services as in Japan in addition to keeping the high quality of our services, however none of the others can satisfy such requirements that clients need.

Therefore, in order to provide the services based on the following four principal, I established under the name of SAGA ASIA Consulting Co., Ltd. in 2015.

  • We provide SPEEDY services because we consider that speed is more important in the emerging countries than in developing countries because the circumstances of these countries and laws change quickly.
  • We provide ADAPTABLE services according to each country, company and person through we consider the best solutions for our clients, not provide answers to the provision of law.
  • Concerning questions from our clients, we provide services which not only solve immediate problems but also consider the best way to serve our clients from a GLOBAL perspective.
  • We provide AMBITIOUS services to realize our clients’ business from our clients’ point of view more than existing law firms do.

However, since 2016, I manage the office jointly with Takahisa Nagata, a Japanese lawyer in expand to Thailand, Malaysia, Israel, along with this Myanmar office name was change to TNY Legal (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. on 1st April 2019.

TNY stands for the name of founders, Yuji Tsutsumi and Takahisa Nagata.

After changed the name are still keeping in mind the above four principal, and we do our best to and promise to provide all of clients in Myanmar with Japan high quality service.

We hope that our firm will contribute to the expansion of Japanese companies into emerging countries and contribute mutual development between Japan and emerging countries.