Nandar Hnin Htut (Myanmar Intern on 01.04.2019)

  • 2019年 4月 01日

1.Why did you decide to work at our company?
A friend of mine suggested me to apply for an Internship at Saga and I consider instead of staying at home doing nothing, it’d be good for me as I could learn new things effective for my future if I get an internship.
2.What do you want to be in the future?
I’m still undecided between becoming a co-operate lawyer and a criminal defense lawyer.
3.What do you enjoy in holiday?
I usually go on vacations with my family on holidays but if I’m alone at home, I spend time by watching movies.
4.What are you strengths and weaknesses?
I’m a fast learner and active listener. I can actively work with people at all age, all levels. But I’m quite indecisive and afraid to talk with people,strangers and I usually get nervous and I can be awkward sometimes